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“The Washington Post” reports that the College Board will waive the fee for the October exam for June SAT test-takers. But that isn’t enough!

Yesterday, we wrote about the problems with the June administration of the SAT. Specifically, two of the ten sections of the SAT have to be discarded because of a printing error on the test booklets for students who took the exam within the United States. But College Board insists that they will still be able to produce reliable scores from the administration of the exam, in spite of having to discard two complete sections. Many students and parents are of course upset about the error. One student on Long Island, as reported by Valerie Strauss of “The Washington Post,” even chose to file suit against College Board, seeking class-action status.

We’re not sure what the purpose of filing suit against College Board is. Yes, College Board is in the wrong here. Sure, they made a mistake on the test. Any testing company is going to make mistakes on tests if you administer enough tests (as the College Board does). But we are not criticizing College Board for this printing error. We are criticizing them for how they’ve handled the error in the days since. College Board has issued a statement to “The Washington Post” that reads: “We remain confident in the reliability of scores from the June 6 administration of the SAT and don’t want to cause undue anxiety for students by making them believe they need to sit for the test again. However, we have waived the fee for the October SAT administration for students who let us know that their testing experience was negatively affected by the printing error and we will continue to do so.”

The College Board has waived the fee for the October administration of the SAT? Gee thanks, College Board? Many students prepped for months and months for this exam. It’s not about the administration fee for many students. It’s about the work that went into prepping for the test. And now they have to keep prepping through June, July, August, September, until the October exam? Why not offer a makeup exam over the summer months to any student who took the June SAT and wishes to retake it before the fall. Why not in July? Wouldn’t that make sense? Isn’t College Board capable of administering a makeup SAT? That question doesn’t need an answer. Of course they are. They are capable. They can do this. They just won’t. So, College Board, in addition to waiving the fee, we urge you to administer an earlier exam so not to put students who took the June SAT at any disadvantage. It’s the right thing to do.

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