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The ACT is going digital. It’s about time!

There will be a digital ACT exam beginning in the spring of 2015. Yes, you read this correctly. Changes are coming to the ACT exam! In the spring of 2015, students will alas have the option of taking the ACT on computers. Welcome to the modern world, makers of the ACT. As for students who prefer taking the ACT with an old-fashioned pencil and paper, they’ll still have that opportunity. At least for now!

In 2012, more students took the ACT exam than the SAT (a remarkable feat) and the number of students who take the ACT has grown tremendously over the course of the past decade. 1.7 million high school students in fact took the ACT last year alone. Do you think that more students will choose to sign up for the ACT next year because it’s moving online? Or do you think that this move online will discourage students from taking the test because they’ve grown used to taking tests with paper and pencil?

Did you take the ACT with paper and pencil? How do you feel about the test moving to a digital format? Will scores improve? Will they drop? Let us know your thoughts on this dramatic shift for the ACT that everyone saw coming miles away but change has finally happened. Is the SAT next? We shall soon see if they follow suit.


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