College Board and New SAT

College Board, New SAT, New SAT from College Board

“The Washington Post” reports that test prep professionals will be barred from taking tomorrow’s SAT administration.

College Board has implemented new measures so that SAT tutors won’t be able to take the new SAT tomorrow. College Board has long struggled with security issues, particularly in Asia (although there have been security issues  here in the United States too — remember what happened in Great Neck, New York?). We do. Anyhow, in the hope of avoiding such security issues (SAT tutors often sit for exams so they have access to the questions as early as possible), test-takers who College Board has identified as not applying to college are barred from taking tomorrow’s administration of the SAT.

As Valerie Strauss of “The Washington Post” reports in her piece “College Board moves to stop test prep providers from taking new SAT on March 5,” “An undetermined number of test prep providers — plus some students over 21 — who had signed up to take the SAT this Saturday said they got an email on Monday from the College Board telling them that they couldn’t. The missive…tells the providers that their registration has been moved to the May 7 administration.”

It’s a security measure that makes sense to us, although this only seems to impact the March administration of the SAT being as test prep professionals can take the May exam. After all, College Board wouldn’t want to turn down this business in the months going forward — not only the test sign-up fees but also they wouldn’t want to hinder the business of the test prep industry, an industry that relies on their tests. In many ways, it’s a symbiotic relationship, more of course than College Board will ever dare admit.


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