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Changes to the ACT are coming next year!

Changes to the ACT are coming! The ACT will remain on a 36 point scale, but beginning next year, test-takers are also going to be receiving scores on two additional measures: career readiness and understanding complex text. As reported by “Fox News” in an article entitled “ACT to broaden score reporting on popular college admissions exam,” “A new category will offer students a separate score on STEM performance — short for science, technology, engineering and math — that combines the science and math portions. A second new category in the area of language arts combines how they did on the English, reading and writing portions — for those who took the writing portion.”

The writing portion of the ACT will remain optional next year. Does that mean that students shouldn’t take it? No! Also, changes are coming to the writing section of the ACT as well. The essay topics will be more advanced going forward and ACT test-takers will have to provide multiple perspectives on a topic instead of only one. If you’re guessing that these changes are in response to the changes made by the College Board to the SAT, the ACT claims that the changes are years in the making.

But the ACT and the College Board are like the Heat and the Spurs. They’re Coke vs. Pepsi. “The Today Show” vs. “Good Morning America.” Of course they’re always thinking about their chief competitor. The ACT has gained incredible marketshare in recent years ala “Good Morning America” and they are in the driver’s seat right now in the business of college admissions entrance exams.

According to “Fox News,” “Also on Friday, the ACT said it would begin making new open-ended questions available to districts in the subject areas of reading, math and science to offer to students as part of the school-day program. Unlike questions with fill-in-the-bubble responses, open-ended questions call for what the ACT describes as a “constructed response” by the student.”

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