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June 1, 2024

AP Score Release Dates

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AP scores are typically released in early July.

Advanced Placement exams, important criteria in the highly selective college admissions process, are administered each school year in May, but the results are released later. Indeed, students typically have to wait until early July to find out how they scored on the exams. But it’s understandable because free-response questions, a feature of certain AP exams, take some time to grade. So when will AP scores come out this year?

When are AP Scores Released?

For students who took AP exams in May 2024, The College Board, the maker of the AP exams, will release scores beginning on July 8th, 2024 — a few days later than in previous years.

AP Exams Are Historically Released Consistently Beginning on July 5th

Last year, The College Board began releasing the May 2023 exam scores on July 5th. Starting on this date, students could log into their College Board accounts to view their results.

In 2022, The College Board also began releasing AP exams on July 5th. So The College Board tends to release AP scores around the same date each year. The organization is a creature of habit.

U.S.-Based AP Test-Takers Receive Results Before International Test-Takers

But it’s not as though all AP exams are published simultaneously on the release day. On the contrary, The College Board, more or less, typically releases test results from administrations on the U.S.’s East Coast first, then the middle of the country, followed by the West Coast. International test-takers tend to get their AP results after that, typically a few days after the first results are uploaded on The College Board’s website.

Assistance Prepping for AP Exams

If your child is hoping to get a head start prepping for an AP exam to be administered next May, fill out Ivy Coach’s consultation form, and we’ll be in touch to discuss our tutoring services. And remember, students can often still take AP exams even if their high school doesn’t offer the corresponding AP courses. They just have to tell their school counseling office to order the exams in the fall. While high schools technically have the right to refuse to allow a student to take an exam, few high schools will push back.

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