Another SAT Scandal in Asia

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“The Washington Post” has been leading the reporting of the cheating on the SAT that is taking place in China and South Korea.

More allegations of cheating on the SAT are surfacing, this time concerning the SAT administration in Asia this past Saturday. As you may recall, there was an SAT cheating scandal in Asia just a couple of months ago — one that required extraordinary planning and execution. According to an article on this latest SAT cheating scandal in “The Washington Post,” the newspaper that most thoroughly covered the previous SAT cheating scandal in Asia, “About half a dozen counselors and students in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia have said that some test prep companies have learned about test items that will be on exam and have provided them to their clients. At least one said he wrote to the College Board and the Educational Testing Service, which administers the SAT for the College Board, warning them of the issue.”

“The Washington Post” very nicely delineates the three means by which cheating on the SAT has managed to take place in Asia: (1) Employees of SAT test prep companies have been taking the exams in the United States or copying ‘undisclosed exams’ and then bringing those questions back to China and South Korea; (2) these employees log ‘undisclosed’ SAT questions from previous administrations of the exam into a database to share with their clientele; (3) employees of these firms sit for the initial administration of the SAT (in the earliest time zone) and then report the questions and answers back to their companies during bathroom breaks so that those in later time zones will know the information.

It seems quite apparent that the College Board and ETS need to make wholesale changes to their security measures. It’s becoming scandal after scandal and it’s not even as though the ways by which these people are cheating are drastically changing. What measures can these organizations take to ensure that such cheating ceases? Retinal scans are too expensive to have at each testing site. So what are some plausible options? We’re curious to hear what you think so let us know by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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