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The ACT has issued an apology for moving at the pace of a turtle as they score the September ACT writing sections (photo credit: Brocken Inaglory).

We, along with many other folks in the college admissions community, were recently quite critical of the ACT for the turtle pace at which they were scoring the September ACT’s writing section. And while we were critical of the organization, we always respect when organizations heed suggestions — and criticism — by aiming to do better. The ACT has since released scores for domestic students (though some of our students in other countries still have not received their ACT writing scores from September!). And the ACT has also issued a sincere apology to the college admissions community.

Steve Kappler, a vice president of brand experience at ACT, wrote this to the college admissions community: “As of this morning, all essays have now been scored for the September ACT national test date. Scores that are available to be released were posted to students’ accounts this morning. The message on our website for students has been updated and we will be reaching out to students very soon. A note will also go to impacted school counselors and to high[er] [sic] education institutions. We will be working through the weekend to send scores to colleges on Saturday and Sunday, in time to meet early admission deadlines…We deeply regret the length of time it has taken to report September writing test results and any impact it has had on you and your students. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and stress this situation may have created. We realize that this is a time when many students and parents are anxious about early admission deadlines, and we are sorry if we added to that.”

Well done, ACT. You owned your mistake and we trust you will aim to do better in the future…like for your international applicants who are still waiting for their ACT writing scores from September! It’s about to be November and all…


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