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“The Washington Post” reports that the ACT administration in Hong Kong and South Korea was canceled this past weekend.

While more students take the SAT as compared to the ACT internationally and we’ve reported on a number of SAT cheating scandals (particularly across Asia — although we have not forgotten the scandal in Great Neck, New York!), the ACT can too fall victim to cheating attempts. And that it did. For students planning to take the ACT this past weekend in South Korea and Hong Kong, no such luck. And why? Because ACT Inc., owner of the ACT, learned on Friday that the test had leaked in advance of the test’s administration in these parts.

As reported by Valerie Strauss for “The Washington Post” — who we might add has broken more news on SAT and ACT cheating scandals than anyone in the world — ACT canceled the test and announced in a notification to test-takers in this area that the exam would not be rescheduled: “This letter serves to inform you that ACT is cancelling the June 11, 2016, administration of the ACT test at all test centers in South Korea and Hong Kong. ACT has just received credible evidence that test materials intended for administration in these regions have been compromised. Accordingly, ACT took the difficult but appropriate step of cancelling the test event to ensure the fairness of the exam for all examinees.”

Why have there been so many incidences of late of cheating on the SAT and ACT in Asia? How can this epidemic be curbed? We’re curious to hear from our readers so post a Comment below and start a conversation.


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