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While Ivy Coach does not offer NYC kindergarten admission help, we recommend Stephanie Sigal, M.A., CCC-SLP for your child. NYC kindergarten admission is stressful with so many children trying to secure so few slots at various private kindergartens around Manhattan. It’s unfortunate that parents get so stressed out about schooling when their kids are so young, but many parents accept that this is one of the costs of living in NYC. We’ve been writing about the ERB test to help inform parents what the exam is all about and this post is continuing on with that series.

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NYC kindergarten admission is a stressful process. Stephanie Sigal helps alleviate some of that stress by helping your child prep for the ERB.

In our last post, we discussed in detail one of the four verbal subtests of the ERB – the vocabulary section. Let’s discuss the other three now. Word reasoning is one such section. It’s a fun section, one that may not be on the updated version of the WPPSI. It’s a guessing game. Parents can practice for this section with their children by playing “I Spy.” As an example, “I’m thinking of something that has buttons to press, it rings, and you use it to call someone!” The answer, of course, is a phone. Comprehension is another of the verbal sections. This section consists of thought-provoking questions that may revolve around safety (i.e., “Why is it important to hold scissors carefully?”) and understanding how to be a well-mannered kid (i.e., “Why do we say ‘please’?”). Often children respond to questions like this with: “Because i want something.” But it’s really to show others that you have good manners. The last verbal section is the similarities section. In this section, children must answer how two things relate to each other (i.e., “a toothbrush and a hairbrush are both ________.”).

In our next post on the ERB, we’ll focus on the performance subtests. In the meantime, have a question about NYC kindergarten admission? Have a question about the ERB? Post it below and Stephanie will respond. If you’re interested in her services, send an email Stephanie’s way.


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