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Stephanie Sigal is the best ERB tutor in Manhattan. We recommend her for all ERB prep.

While Ivy Coach does not provide ERB tutoring, we recommend Stephanie Sigal to help your children in Manhattan prepare for the kindergarten admissions test. It sounds ridiculous, right? Aspiring kindergartners having to prep for an admissions test? But in Manhattan, it’s the order of the day and nobody helps these tots get ready like Stephanie does. Continuing on with our series on the ERB exam, here is some information on the vocabulary verbal subtest:

In this subtest of the ERB, children are asked to define a word such as “what are dogs?” Typically, the words revolve around vehicles, animals, and clothing. But the words can become much more challenging, which is why a well-read kid as well as a child exposed to museums and culture will thrive. Carefully select vocabulary-rich books to read to children as part of the ERB prep — use it as a break from structured work. Ask children to provide definitions (as well as predict, work on comprehension, etc.) without making them feel like they are being drilled. They will likely walk away from this time having sort of “experienced” the word. As an example, “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown is loaded with vocabulary words like harvest, peasants, and soldiers. Children also close the book with a deeper understanding of what it means to share and cooperate, if the reader reads effectively.

If you’re interested in ERB tutoring in Manhattan, send an email to Stephanie Sigal. Have a question on ERB tutoring? Post it below and she’ll answer it. And if you happen to live off the island of Manhattan and think kindergarten admission prep is silly, we empathize with you. But in Manhattan, getting into kindergarten is tough and it stresses parents out. Stephanie helps ease this stress.


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