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For ERB Test help, we at Ivy Coach recommend Stephanie Sigal, M.A. CCC-SLP. In past blogs, we wrote about the four verbal subtests of the ERB test. Those included vocabulary, word reasoning, comprehension, and similarities. We’ll now discuss the four performance subtests of the ERB: picture concepts, matrix reasoning, block design, and coding. No, your kindergarten hopeful will not have to code software or anything — do not fret or fear. That would be quite astonishing if they could do that for sure!

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Stephanie Sigal helps children prepare for the ERB test.

In the picture concepts subtest, children are given a group of pictures and they have to figure out what goes together. They don’t need to explain their rationale for why the pictures go together. In the matrix reasoning subtest, analogies are presented in a matrix. Children must point to an answer choice. In the block design subtest, timed puzzles are presented with bi-colored blocks. And in the coding subtest, children have to transcribe a code into matching shapes within a set time frame.

Want more information on these subtests? Visit Stephanie’s blog on kindergarten admissions prep for a couple of sample questions and ways to prep for each of the subtests of the ERB. Practicing for the ERB is a great way to spend time with your child and help them expand their vocabulary and communicative skills. And if you’re interested in ERB test help, email Stephanie Sigal at She offers her services in person in Manhattan and via Skype to students and parents outside of Manhattan.

Have a question to ask Stephanie about the ERB? Ask it below and she’ll answer!


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