Ivy League and India

More students in India are studying abroad than ever before. And many of those students are applying to Ivy League universities.

Ivy League Athletes

How do you think Brown’s athletic program compares to Princeton’s?

University Admission in India

Delhi University in India is debating whether or not to continue its policy of having a sports quota for the incoming class of students.

University Career Counseling

College graduates across the country are moving home in record number. In fact, a study by TwentySomething Inc. reports that an astounding 85% of college graduates will have to move back home and live in their childhood bedrooms.

College Consultantcy

Ivy Coach will help you distinguish yourself from other students applying to the same competitive colleges.

Stanford Interviews

While so many of the top colleges offer students the chance to interview with an alum, one notable exception has always been Stanford University. But on Thursday, that changed. Stanford has reversed its long-held policy of not offering alumni interviews. After running a three-year test of Stanford interviews in various geographic regions, … 

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Admission to Harvard

College seniors frequently say that the freshmen look younger and younger every year. Usually, it’s just their minds playing tricks on them. But in the case of incoming Harvard freshman Saheela O. Ibraheem, they’re not wrong. Saheela will be matriculating to Harvard College next year at the age of fifteen. … 

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College Admissions Recruiting

If you’re a student who received tons of brochures, posters, and e-mails from top universities and were surprised to then be denied admission by these very colleges that “recruited” you, you’re not alone. In recent years, colleges have increased their recruiting efforts by sending promotional material to students who they … 

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College Admissions and Talent

In a previous post on talented college applicants, we wrote about how college admissions counselors are in search of talented students to form a well rounded class. They’re not in search of well rounded students to form a somewhat talented class of students who are fairly decent at a number … 

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South Africa College Admissions

Fifteen years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, race remains the hot topic in the national dialogue. In South Africa college admissions, affirmative action is a highly debated subject. If you’re an American who disagrees with the practice of affirmative action in the United States, you’d probably disagree … 

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