Electronic Searches vs. The College Counselor

Dear Ivy Coach, I am writing an article for “The New York Times” on the growing number of companies that offer search engines to help high school students come up with a list of potential colleges. Many are set up as kind of electronic guidance counselors. Princeton Review, for instance, … 

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Will Colleges be Dropping Early Admissions Policies?

When colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Virginia announced that they will be dropping their Early admissions programs, high school students, parents, and college counselors began to wonder if this was the beginning of a new trend in admissions and that perhaps more colleges were going to … 

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How Applications are Evaluated and Decisions are Made

Of the 1,800 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S., only about thirty-five are considered highly selective. This highly selective category is reserved for schools that typically admit less that one-third of all their applicants. To determine a college’s degree of selectivity, one needs to know the number of students … 

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