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Of all the Ivy League colleges, Dartmouth’s tuition went up the most this year.

Tuition costs in the Ivy League are on the rise again. Shocker. Dartmouth saw the highest tuition hike at 5.9%. Princeton saw the lowest hike in the last 45 years at 1%. While Columbia has not yet announced their tuition hike the university will, in all likelihood, end up being the most expensive Ivy League university. Princeton currently ranks as the least expensive at $49,069 per year.

Below is the 2011-2012 breakdown for the cost increases at the Ivy League schools accounting for tuition, room, board, and fees:

Columbia University – TBD – 2010-2011 cost was $56,684

Dartmouth College – 5.9% increase – $55,365

Cornell University – 4.5% increase – $54,645

University of Pennsylvania – 3.9% increase – $53,976

Brown University – 3.5% increase – $53,136

Yale University – 5.8% increase – $52,700

Harvard University – 3.8% increase – $52,650

Princeton University – 1% increase – $49,069



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  • kashish says:

    how do we go on about getting the scholarships?

    • Elizabeth Goldman says:

      None of the Ivy League schools offer scholarships. There are no merit scholarships of any kind — not even for recruited athletes. They Ivies are, however, very generous with need-based aid. Fill out the FAFSA form and speak to the Office of Financial Aid at the appropriate institution(s). Families that earn less than $100,000, and even families with higher earnings and multiple children, will often receive full-aid packages which cover everything — including room and board, study abroad programs . . . Middle class families with more than $100,000 in earnings often receive very substantial financial assistance as well. On average, Ivy League students graduate with very low levels of outstanding loans. Admissions are also “need-blind.” So, if your child needs financial aid, don’t worry, if he/she is qualified, it won’t affect his/her admission chances. Waivers for the application fee are also readily available for those who qualify.

      • Maria says:

        My son has an OV to UPenn , can I ask for an financial aid pre -read ? How accurate is their cost of attendance & income calculator?
        I would appreciate any help since I’m very concerned with the cost of this

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