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LGBT applicants should know that the University of Michigan has been a pioneer in the gay rights movement on college campuses (photo credit: AndrewHorne).

Michigan LGBT applicants: You should know that, should you be admitted, you have a university that supports you. The University of Michigan will be celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the first ever LGBT center on any American college campus. That center, the Spectrum Center, was founded in 1970 by the University of Michigan Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and the Radical Lesbians. There’s going to be a big celebration to mark the Spectrum Center’s fortieth anniversary this November.

But that’s not all the University of Michigan has done for LGBT students. To give you an example of something else they’ve done, when Michigan faces San Diego State this Saturday on the gridiron, the university will be airing a PSA encouraging student-athletes to avoid using homophobic slurs. It’s a provocative PSA that we hope will curb hate speech directed at any individuals. And thousands of students, alumni, and fans from across the world will get to see it. University of Michigan, we salute you!

Check out the PSA here, Michigan LGBT applicants. And check out this post on Gay Friendly Colleges. “Newsweek” ranked the University of Michigan fifth this year on their gay-friendly campus rankings.


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