LGBTQ Friendliest Colleges for 2019

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Princeton ranks first in a recent ranking of LGBTQ-friendly colleges (photo credit: Alfred Hutter).

A ranking of LGBTQ-friendly colleges has been released for 2019 and which school takes the grand prize? Hint, hint. It’s an Ivy League school. Alright, we’ll tell you. It’s Princeton University. College Consensus, a website that compiles data across multiple college rankings, has listed Princeton atop its list. So which other universities across America make the list and in what order? Wonder no more.

Princeton Takes First, Harvey Mudd, Penn Follow

Harvey Mudd College fills the runner-up slot. University of Pennsylvania takes third followed by Macalester College, Elon University, Tufts, University, Lehigh University, University of Washington, Ithaca College, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Indiana University, University of Colorado, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts, University of Oregon, Augsburg University, Kansas State University, University of Wisconson – Eau Claire, Rutgers University, Washington State University, San Diego State University, University of Louisville, Montclair State University, and Southern Oregon University.

As Aviva Kohn reports on Princeton’s top ranking in “The Daily Princetonian” in a piece entitled “Report ranks U. best LGBTQ+ friendly school,” “In the description of the University’s ranking, College Consensus mentions the LGBT Center. It also notes that the University ‘provides LGBT workshops regularly; addressing emerging LGBT issues on campus, and in the world.’ While the core mission of the Center has always remained the same, its role has shifted over the years…The Center has become more involved in the creation of University policy, including a non-discrimination statement featuring gender identity and expression, as well as ensuring that trans-affirming surgeries and procedures are covered under the student health plan.”

Congratulations to Princeton University for topping this ranking of LGBTQ-friendly colleges for 2019! May more and more colleges across our nation continue to champion LGBTQ students.


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