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January 18, 2012

Gay College Applicants

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Remember back in August of this year when we applauded Elmhurst College, a small school outside of Chicago, for becoming the first college to directly ask students if they were members of the LGBT community on their application? Well, the results are in and, of those students who applied to Elmhurst College, 5% voluntarily noted that they were members of the LGBT community. Of the 109 applicants who self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, 63 earned admission. Keep in mind that many students may have chosen to not self-identify as LGBT since their parents are hovering over their answers.

And what percentage of applicants chose to answer the question of whether or not they’re members of the LGBT community? According to “Pink News,” between 85 to 90% of applicants! Does that surprise you? Also, according to “Pink News,” “A statement said: ’Many admissions officers and secondary school counselors expressed concern regarding how this question might be perceived by students, even though it would be optional.’ But [Gary] Rold, [the Dean of Admission], said five other universities had approached Elmhurst College since the move, which may include Harvard, which announced it was considering such a move in November.”

One of the other universities leading the charge in appealing to gay college applicants is Dartmouth College, a school that asks indirectly on their application information that can pertain to the LGBT community (i.e., involvement in GSA). Do you think other colleges will soon follow the lead of colleges like Elmurst and Dartmouth? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below! Do you think this is a question that should be asked or not? We want your opinions!

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