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Ivy Coach is featured on the pages of today’s “Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University.

Ivy Coach is featured today in “The Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University. A piece entitled “Yield drops, diversity increases for class of 2019” by Tyler Foggatt focuses on how Yale’s yield (the percentage of students who choose to matriculate to the university after being admitted) dropped by about two percentage points this year. Although it is the second highest yield rate in the university’s long history! Last year’s yield for Yale was 71.7% (a record) and this year’s yield is 69.5%. Is this cause for concern for the university? No way.

As we are quoted in the piece, “Brian Taylor, director of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said slight decreases in yield from one year to the next are extremely common, and not something that colleges should necessarily look into. ‘There’s a lot of things to worry about in this world,’ Taylor said. ‘A two-percent drop in yield is not one of them.’…According to Taylor, small factors like whether or not it rains during Bulldog Days can have an impact on yield. If a student visits New Haven and the weather is gloomy, he said, they might be more impressed by Stanford or another school located in a warmer region. ‘If you track the relationship between yield and weather at Bulldog Days, and at Dartmouth’s visiting days too, the rain definitely has an effect,’ Taylor said, referring partly to this year’s Bulldog Days, which were plagued by rain.”

Yes, rain during Bulldog Days sure can impact the university’s yield. If it’s rainy, students won’t be out tossing frisbees and smiling. This makes a difference and the fact that it rained during this year’s Bulldog Days might well be the cause for the two percentage drop. Don’t agree? If not, why do you think Yale’s yield dropped a bit this year. We’re curious to hear from our readers.


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