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Yale University has appointed a new president (photo credit: Namkota).

One of the Ivy League presidential vacancies is no longer vacant. Yale University has chosen its successor to longtime president Richard Levin (Levin has served as president since 1993). Peter Salovey, Yale’s current provost, will succeed Levin as the university’s 23rd president. Salovey came to Yale in 1981 as a graduate student. Do you think he had a suspicion back then that only 31 years later, he would be that university’s new leader? We suspect not. Mr. Salovey will assume his new position on June 30th.

According to a post on the Yale University presidency by “The Choice,” “Mr. Salovey became an assistant professor at Yale in 1986. He is the only president in Yale’s history to have served as the chair of an academic department (he led the department of psychology from 2000 to 2003), as dean of the graduate school of arts and sciences (2003 to 2004), as dean of Yale College (2004 to 2008), and as provost. He was noted for his academic innovation and reform at Yale. The incoming president has also written or edited 13 books and has published more than 350 journal articles and essays in the field of psychology. He is credited for collaborating with John D. Mayer to develop a framework known as emotional intelligence.”

That’s pretty cool that Yale’s new president is a notable psychologist. We wonder if he’s emotionally highly intelligent? We suspect he is to have risen to be Yale’s new president. Mr. Salovey is very excited by the new opportunity — as he should be — and he believes Yale will continue to be “the inspiration to the world,” as he told students upon the announcement. The Ivy League will now have to take the Yale University presidency off its list of top job vacancies. Princeton and Dartmouth — you’re up next.


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