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December 22, 2011

Yale University Football

Yale Football, Football at Yale, Football at Yale University
The Yale football coach resigned because he lied about having applied for a Rhodes Scholarship (photo credit: Namkota).

Yale University head football coach Tom Williams resigned from his position yesterday morning. Alright, college and pro coaches get fired and resign just about every day…so why is this interesting? Well, it’s interesting because this Yale University football coach resigned because he lied about having applied for a Rhodes Scholarship. Remember when we posted about the Yale QB who was up for the Rhodes Scholarship and yet elected not to continue his candidacy because he wanted to quarterback his team in the Harvard-Yale game (“The Game”)? Well, that QB talked about discussions with his coach as he considered whether or not to continue to pursue the scholarship…since his coach had pursued the scholarship as a student and football player at Stanford years earlier.

The problem is that the Rhodes committee had no record of Tom Williams ever having applied for a Rhodes Scholarship. It simply wasn’t true. As it turns out, his Stanford coach, Bill Walsh, had encouraged him to apply for it but he opted not to, according to a “Yale Daily News” article on the Yale football coach. Not exactly a role model for his football players, eh?

So what’s our point in sharing this story with you? Don’t lie on your college applications. Don’t lie in your college essays. Don’t say you accomplished things that you didn’t (in this case, applying isn’t even an accomplishment)! It can come back to haunt you later. You just never know. And it’s just not right.

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