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Construction at Yale University is underway. And so, naturally, we’ve included a very old picture of the school. Why not.

We’ve got some good news for prospective Yale University students. Yale will be increasing the size of its freshman class — by a 15% margin! That means that the school will soon start to admit 200 more students each year — all because the university is breaking new ground to expand its residential college system. This marks the first additions to Yale’s residential college system in quite some time…since 1961 in fact! For prospective students, more slots is of course always a good thing. Duh.

More slots at Yale in the years ahead is indeed good news for prospective Yalies.

As reported by Michael Morand for “Yale News,” “‘In the buildings taking shape just across the street, we can see a future with hundreds more Yale undergraduates each year — students who will be innovators, citizens, leaders,’ [Yale’s president Peter] Salovey said. ‘They, like our current undergraduates, will be creators and discoverers and fearless thinkers. All of us here today have seen the renderings of the beautiful buildings that, two-and-a-half years from now, will stand in splendor. But they will also be teeming with life — with students running to and from class or the lab or the library, rehearsing for dance performances, looking forward to games here at The Whale, taking inspiration from master’s teas, eating lunch in the dining halls with faculty and friends. They will bring new energy into our classrooms, all across New Haven, and around the world,’ he added.”

This is a project that has been in the works for some time at Yale but is alas coming to fruition. Apparently, the conversation to expand the residential college system began during the 1990’s, according to former Yale president Richard Levin. But now, thanks to a gift by alumnus Charles Johnson of $250 million, it’s underway!  So, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, we take this isn’t a positive indicator Yale will pick up and move to Florida? That was very silly, Governor. Good effort.


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