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Yale Early Apps, Early Applications to Yale, Early Apps to Yale

Yale received more Early applications this year as compared to last year.

The Yale Early application figures are in for this fall. And this year, Yale received 5.6% more Early applications as compared to last year. With a total of 4,768 applications received during the Early round this year, it marked an increase from last year’s 4,514 applications. According to the “Yale Daily News,” ” In the three years prior to 2011 — the year that Harvard and Princeton reinstated their early application programs — Yale’s early applications topped 5,000, with an all-time peak of 5,556 early applications in 2008.” The figure for this year isn’t quite as high but it is certainly on the rise.

The increase in Early applications to Yale this fall is in line with increases seen at many highly selective colleges. But there is a quote in the article on the Yale Early applications in the “Yale Daily News” that we wanted to draw your attention to: “‘The five percent increase makes it tougher, but everyone who applied early realizes that the process has always been very tough at Yale,’ said Gregory Hosono, a high school senior at Philips Academy Andover, adding that applicants cannot control anything beyond how they present themselves to schools. Hosono said he applied early to Yale as a way of signifying that it was his top choice.” This quote is a bit misleading.

When Gregory Hosono says as a statement of fact that the five percent increase makes it tougher, he’s not necessarily correct. Just because more students apply to a highly selective college doesn’t mean that it will be tougher to get in. If ‘C’ students are applying to Yale, that doesn’t make it tougher for the ‘A’ student to get in. And, as we’ve written many times on our college admissions blog, many highly selective colleges actively recruit students who don’t have a shot of getting in — just to boost their admission rates and, ultimately, their “US News & World Report” ranking. Yale University is no exception.

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