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Ivy Coach is featured in “The Yale Daily News” in a piece about the school’s Early Action application figures.

Ivy Coach was featured recently on the pages of “The Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University. In a piece entitled “Early apps increase at peer schools” by Jon Victor, it’s detailed how Yale saw an overall — albeit minor (0.6% is what we’re talking about!) — decrease in applications this fall for the Single Choice Early Action round. As Victor writes, applications for the Early Decision round at Penn and Dartmouth were up this year — by 2.5% and 2%, respectively. Princeton’s Single Choice Early Action applications were up by 9.4% (a nice jump indeed), although applications to Yale were still higher (even though the school didn’t get as many as it did during last year’s Early round).

But the decrease in total applications may have been due to the school specifically targeting underprivileged and underrepresented students — which is a really good thing! As Ivy Coach is referenced in the admissions article, “Brian Taylor, director of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said the lack of growth in Yale’s early application pool may be due to these efforts, which would come at the expense of garnering more applications overall. As resources are limited, he said, it may be difficult for colleges to focus their outreach on specific groups while also increasing their applicant pools. Still, he said, he would applaud Yale if that were the reason for the decrease in applications. ‘If that’s the case, kudos to Yale,’ Taylor said.”

Slight variations in applications from year to year are nothing to get nervous about. Would Yale have preferred applications increased this year? Of course. But their Dean of Admissions is intent on bringing Yale a more diverse student body than ever before and for this, we applaud him as well as the university he represents.


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  • james anderson says:

    But the reason for Yale pimping itself out to those under-served areas was to jack up the number of applications. That is always the number one priority of Harvard and Yale.

  • ivy league says:

    My honest opinion is that Yale has been losing ground for a few reasons. By losing ground i do not mean that the decrease in number of applications in big, but rather that there is not an increase, like we observe with other top schools. The are two reasons in my opinion. The first is that Yale is lacking in terms of STEM and also in terms of pre professionalism. Yes Yale is very prestigious, but its relative lacking in what are considered the hottest fields nowadays is detrimental. Also its relative lackluster employment, salary statistics compared to other top schools like Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Penn, Columbia etc is something people are noticing, esp as the cost of college rises and people are becoming more and more practical about the value of their degree. Lastly, the recent protests at Yale, have created a reputation for the school as being a rather hostile environment for free speech, which i bet has turned off some people. And then this video was posted a couple of days ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PknvApdz5e8 This is highly embarrassing for an elite institution like Yale.
    Yale has a very strong name so we won’t see any huge drops in applications, but the fact that it experiences a drop whereas most other peer schools experience a rise should not be taken lightly in my opinion.

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