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December 17, 2019

Yale Class of 2024 Early Action Statistics

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who applied SCEA to Yale’s Class of 2024. You all earned admission! And, no, we couldn’t say it if it weren’t true. Our parents and students read our blog!

In all, 5,777 students applied under Yale’s Early Action policy with the hope of earning admission to the Yale University Class of 2024. Of these students, 796 earned admission. An additional 87 students earned admission through QuestBridge. By our math, not including the QuestBridge admits, this marks an admission rate of a little over 13.7%. Last year, this same figure — one that excluded the QuestBridge applicants — stood at 13.2%. For the Class of 2023, Yale received 6,016 Early Action applications — a school record — and offered admission to 794 students. So this year was not a banner year for Yale’s admissions office but it was a strong year nonetheless.

We’d share more about the breakdown of admitted students to Yale — including geographically, ethnically, socio-economically, etc. — but, unlikely other elite universities, Yale has yet to provide this information. Boo, Yale! Instead, Yale’s Dean of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid Jeremiah Quinlan offered a generic quote in a piece in The Yale Daily News by Kelly Wei on the Yale Class of 2024 EA admits : “The Admissions Committee was very impressed with this year’s early applicant pool across every dimension. We are pleased to offer admission to this first group of students in the Class of 2024 and look forward to admitting a much larger group of students through our regular decision process this spring.” If that quote couldn’t work for any Early Action pool, we don’t know what could!

In any case, congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who applied Single Choice Early Action to Yale’s Class of 2024. Every single one of you earned admission! We’re so happy for all of you! And should you approach us in the coming days seeking our help with Harvard University and Stanford University applications, you bet you’re going to get an earful. But we’ll help you if you wish — so long as you’re not collecting feathers for your cap and you’d genuinely go to Stanford or Harvard over Yale. As our loyal readers know all too well, we’re totally against the feather for cap collectors!

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