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Ivy League admissions offices like to spin admissions data. Yale’s spin this year in the “Yale Daily News” is utterly ridiculous (photo credit: Namkota).

Have you ever noticed that college admissions offices (and university PR departments) spin their college admissions results? Well, move over Bill O’Reilly because you just entered the “No Spin Zone.” At Ivy Coach, we make a habit of cutting through college admissions spinsters. And right now, we’re going to cut through the spin at Yale University where the “Yale Daily News” touts that this year marked Yale’s most competitive early admit rate ever — as though we hadn’t heard that one before!

But, as it turns out, Yale did not have its most competitive early admit rate ever this year. Not even close! With an admit rate of 15.7% of Early applicants for the Class of 2016, it wasn’t even as competitive as last year when 14.5% of Early applicants earned admission. And how about the year before? For the Class of 2014, 13.9% of students were admitted Early. And how about for the Class of 2013? 13.4%! This year’s Early applicant pool to Yale was certainly more competitive than for the Class of 2012 but to state that this was the most competitive admissions rate ever for Yale Early pool is quite simply — Just. Plain. Wrong.

It’s funny how even in the article about how this was the best year ever for Yale’s Early pool (an article that, interestingly, is no longer available on “The Yale Daily News” website), the writer starts to make excuses: “While Yale’s 2011 early applicant pool was smaller than last year’s, [Jeffrey] Brenzel, [the Dean of Admissions], said the University received more applicants this fall than the last time that Yale, Harvard and Princeton all offered early admissions programs in fall 2006. Harvard and Princeton accepted 18 percent and 21 percent of early applicants, respectively.” How exactly does this all fit in with the most competitive admit rate in Yale’s Early applicant pool ever? Do explain, Yale spinsters! Maybe we’re just bad at math?

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