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The Yale admission stats are out and Yale boasts its lowest admission rate in its history.

The Yale admission stats are in for 2013 and with an acceptance rate of 6.72%, Yale had its lowest admission rate in its history. Of the 29,610 students who applied to Yale this year, only 1,991 gained admission. This compares to 28,975 applicants to Yale last year and 1,973 admitted students. And how about that waitlist? The Yale waitlist this year stands at 1,001 students. Whether or not — and how deep — they go into that waitlist will depend on Yale’s yield for the year. They hope to enroll about 1,350 students in their freshman class. If last year’s numbers are any indication, Yale admitted 70 students off of its waitlist.

According to an article in “The Yale Daily News” on the Yale admission stats, “With the decisions made and the official acceptance letters sent out, the admissions process for most aspiring members of the class of 2017 is finally over. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said in an email to the News Thursday afternoon that the Admissions Office has seen ‘another extraordinary applicant pool’ and faced ‘another challenging selection process’ this year. ‘Of the students we could offer admission, we know that the ones choosing Yale will bring us astonishing talents and aspirations,’ Brenzel said, adding that he believes that virtually all of the students rejected this year will be ‘successful students at other great colleges and universities.'”

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