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December 7, 2023

When Is Ivy Day 2024?

Richardson Hall is featured up a staircase at Dartmouth College.

When will Ivy Day fall this admissions cycle? Ivy Day, the day (or, depending on the year, the days) on which the eight Ivy League schools release not their Early Action/Early Decision notifications but their Regular Decision notifications to applicants, typically falls on the last day of March or the first day or April.

Some years, all eight Ivies release their Regular Decision notifications on the same day in one fell swoop, while in other years, the decisions come out over a couple of days. So, when will the eight Ivy League schools release Regular Decision notifications to the Class of 2028?

2023-2024 Ivy League Regular Decision Notification Dates

Below is a breakdown of when each of the eight Ivy League schools intends to release Regular Decision notifications to applicants to the Class of 2028 in their own verbiage:

Ivy League School2024 Regular Decision Notification Date
Brown UniversityEarly April
Columbia UniversityMarch 30 After 7 PM ET
Cornell UniversityLate March
Dartmouth CollegeLate March or Early April
Harvard UniversityEnd of March
Princeton UniversityEnd of March or Beginning of April
University of PennsylvaniaBy April 1
Yale UniversityBy April 1

Ivy Day Is Essentially A Misnomer

So, while there have been years in which all eight Ivy League schools have released Regular Decision notifications on the same day, in our experience at Ivy Coach, it’s more common for the Ivies to release decisions over a couple of days — in late March and on the first day of April. Thus, the term Ivy Day is a bit of a misnomer — it should really be Ivy Days.

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