UPenn Is Not Penn State

UPenn, Penn, University of Pennsylvania

They say people don’t change.

UPenn is not Penn State! Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails are all the rage these days on “MSNBC,” “Fox News, “CNN,” and just about every major news broadcast. So, on the topic of Don Jr.’s emails, we thought we’d share with our readers an interesting piece about his emails not from this past presidential election but from his time as a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

As an article in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” by Sophie Trotto entitled “Donald Trump Jr.’s Penn Email Signature Leaked: ‘FYI I Do NOT Attend Penn State‘” points out, Donald Trump, Jr. had quite the interesting email signature while a student at Wharton. For starters, was it really necessary for him to write that he was a candidate for a bachelor’s degree from Wharton in his email signature? And if that weren’t enough, he had to distinguish UPenn from Penn State? Sure, it’s annoying that some folks confuse one of the most selective universities in America (UPenn) with Penn State, but does it really warrant such defensiveness in a then-college student’s email signature? As Trotto jokes, “As you can see by the last line, Trump Jr. clarified an error made by so many of our second cousins: that we attend Penn State and not a university with a 9.15% acceptance rate. Like, seriously, we’re the elite.

After his years at a candidate (we’re using this term in jest, yes), Donald Trump, Jr. did in fact receive his bachelor of science in economics from Wharton. Mazel tov, Don Jr.! And in the years since his graduation, he’s made a point of correcting folks on Twitter who incorrectly call UPenn Penn State. We’re just glad he’s got some real persistence.

While you’re here, read about President Trump’s mentions of his undergraduate alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School (although he tends to call it by a version of an older name — The Wharton School of Finance).


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  • Ron says:

    As I understand it Trump did not graduate Wharton in spite of his repeated references to it. Am I right ? And if so Why is he not cakled on it. My understanding is that after two years st Fordham he transferred to UPenn and may have taken a coupke of courses at Wharton but by no means did he graduate Wharton. Right or wrong?

    • Adselwyn says:

      Ron, this is wrong. Trump transferred from Fordham to Penn, and graduated with an undergraduate business degree from Wharton. Wharton has both an MBA and an undergraduate program. Penn undergraduate consists of 4 schools, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, the Wharton School and the School of Nursing. Trump graduated from Penn undergrad, and specifically from the Wharton undergraduate program. So in this case he is telling the truth.

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