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UPenn Dean, Admissions Dean at Penn, Eric Furda
Ivy Coach salutes UPenn’s Dean of Admissions Eric Furda for his habit of telling it like it is (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

As our loyal readers know all too well, Eric J. Furda, the University of Pennsylvania’s longtime Dean of Admissions, is a hero of this college admissions blog (there are villains too out there!). In a sea of so many admissions officers and admissions deans who don’t tell it like it is, who sugarcoat things, or who just tell outright lies, Dean Furda has a wonderful habit of speaking the honest truth — whether it serves his interest or not. It’s a reason why we’ve long admired him. Just as we do today!

Penn’s Dean of Admissions Goes Viral at Eagles Game

While Eric Furda usually comments to the press on matters that relate to college admissions, today in the City of Brotherly Love, Eric Furda is the news. That’s right. Yesterday, as the Philadelphia Eagles played the Detroit Lions, cameras panned to an irate fan in the stands hollering at the players on the field. That irate fan…was Eric Furda. Videos of Eric Furda expressing his displeasure with the action on the field soon went viral and he was identified by folks online, prompting a host of funny comments about Penn’s admissions czar and ultimately a pithy response from Furda himself on Twitter: “After further review of the play I will take the 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct But I will not lose my passion for Philadelphia and Penn sports! Thanks for all the interview requests but we have a game on Thursday to get ready for which I will watch at home!”

Ivy Coach Salutes Penn’s Admissions Dean for His Passion and Candor

But that’s ridiculous. Dean Furda, you should feel free to tell those Philadelphia Eagles (or the officials) the honest truth. There’s no need to take a 15 yard penalty on the play. You didn’t do anything wrong. You passionately told it like it is…just as you always do and for that we at Ivy Coach salute you! And let’s not forget…Philly fans have been known to boo Santa Claus. So Eric Furda need not apologize — even in jest — for showing some passion in the stands at an Eagles game. But we appreciate his tongue in cheek response nonetheless.


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