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August 23, 2017

UPenn Class of 2021 Yield

The UPenn Class of 2021 yield stands at 67%, which is slightly down from last year.

The UPenn Class of 2021 yield of 67%, the percentage of admitted students who chose to attend the Ben Franklin’s school, fell just short of last year’s record-breaking yield rate of 68-69%. Ivy Coach is featured extensively in an article today in “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania in which the managing director of our firm opines about the importance of a college’s yield rate and the great lengths highly selective colleges will go in order to boost the percentage of admitted students who choose to matriculate to the institution. The University of Pennsylvania, of course, is no exception to this trend and in fact is arguably one of the most effective at securing a high yield.

UPenn Class of 2021 Yield

As quoted in the piece by Harry Trustman entitled “Class of 2021’s yield rate falls short of 2020’s record-high numbers” in “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” “Brian Taylor, the managing director of the college counseling service Ivy Coach, said he believes that Penn uses the Early Decision program to inflate its yield rate, but that ’they have every right to do so.’ ’That’s why Early Decision exists,’ Taylor said. ’To admit students who 100 percent will come, who love that school.’ Taylor added that Penn, like many of its peer institutions, is highly skilled at manipulating the yield rate. ’Every school is trying to manipulate the yield rate,’ Taylor said. ’Penn does it better than most.’ Taylor also noted that Penn’s application is particularly conducive to producing a higher yield rate, citing Penn’s supplemental application essay asking students to explain why they chose Penn. Taylor said this question is designed to increase Penn’s yield rate. ’They want to see that you’re not going to write, ’I want to go to Penn because Ben Franklin founded it, and they offer a great liberal arts education,’’ Taylor said. ’They want to see that every sentence of that essay is specific to Penn.’”

Demonstrating Interest in UPenn and Other Colleges

We imagine it’s obvious to our readers that highly selective colleges like the University of Pennsylvania are playing a game when it comes to their yield. If our readers are curious as to which school started this game, we’d argue it was Emory University — a school that cares so very much about an applicant’s interest in attending the school. Highly selective colleges have barometers to measure an applicant’s interest in attending. It may be the Why College essay. It may be the points of contact the applicant made with the school such as whether or not the student chose to attend a tour and information session. But just as highly selective colleges play a game, our students at Ivy Coach play a game right back. We make it our mission that every single school to which our students apply come away with an unwavering conviction that they are the first choice school for that student. Of course, each student only really has one first choice school. But colleges don’t need to know that. After all, our objective is to beat these schools at their own game. We’ve been doing it effectively for a quarter of a century.

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