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UPenn 2021, Penn 2021, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2021

A piece in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” offers insight into the UPenn Class of 2021.

The University of Pennsylvania has announced its Class of 2021. And the school has reason to brag. Benjamin Franklin’s university boasts its lowest admission rate in history — at 9.15%. This 9.15% admission rate bests the university’s 9.4% admission rate for the UPenn Class of 2020. In all, 40,413 students applied for admission to the University of Pennsylvania and 3,699 were offered admission.

With a 22% Early Decision admit rate for the Class of 2021 at the University of Pennsylvania, we encourage students who love UPenn above all other schools to heed our advice if you wish to be members of the UPenn Class of 2021 — do apply Early Decision. And where do most admits to the University of Pennsylvania hail from? No surprise here. Pennsylvania, New York, California, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas claim the prize. It’s not like we were expecting Arkansas to make an appearance in that list. Sorry, Arkansas.

As reports Brian Zhong for “The Daily Pennsylvanian” in a piece about the UPenn Class of 2021, “Fifty-four percent of the overall class is female, a higher proportion than the 52 percent of the current Penn undergraduate body who are women. Meanwhile, the number of international applications rose by 10 percent, and accepted students call 94 countries home. Members of the Class of 2021 currently attend 2,145 different high schools…Fourteen percent of admitted students have a parent or grandparent who attended Penn, and 13 percent will be the first in their families to go to college. Forty-six percent of the class who are U.S. citizens identified themselves as students of color. This year, Penn has offered 90 percent of the applicant pool the opportunity to engage in an interview with one of over 9,200 Penn alumni spanning the Classes of 1951 to 2016.”

So to all those parents who get all excited that their children got interviews, we hate to dampen your excitement but we encourage you to read that last sentence again. Almost everyone gets an interview. Getting or not getting an interview is no indication of your standing in admissions. It’s about whether they have available alumni to conduct interviews in your area. And that’s really it.

Congratulations to our students who will be members of the UPenn Class of 2021!


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