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March 30, 2024

University of Pennsylvania Class of 2028 Admissions Statistics

The University of Pennsylvania has released Regular Decision notifications to the Class of 2028. More than 65,000 students applied to the Ivy League institution this year, an all-time record. It marked the second straight year that UPenn set a new application benchmark. In fact, applications were up by about 10% from last year’s historic tally of over 59,000 applicants.

UPenn Keeps Its Admissions Statistics Close to the Vest

In recent years, UPenn has been withholding its acceptance rates for the Early Decision and Regular Decision rounds, failing to disclose the number of admits. Without the number of admits, deducing the school’s acceptance rates for the Class of 2028 would be impossible.

That said, UPenn, like all of America’s elite universities, annually releases figures to The Common Data Set. Last year, for the Class of 2027, 3,474 students earned admission between the two rounds of admission — for an overall acceptance rate of 5.8%. 

Ivy Coach will be sure to publish the number of admitted students as well as the respective acceptance rates for the UPenn Class of 2028 when the figures are made available.

Profile of UPenn Admits to the Class of 2028

Of the admitted students to UPenn’s Class of 2028, they hail from all 50 states in addition to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Marshall Islands, and the military APO. International admits hail from 109 countries worldwide.

We’d love to share more intel on the UPenn Class of 2028’s percentage of first-generation college students, the percentage of legacies, and more, but the school is, as of now, keeping these cards close to the vest, too.

UPenn’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year Didn’t Stymie Applications

2023-2024 was not UPenn’s finest academic year. The school made headline after headline for rampant antisemitism on the Ivy League campus — and for the school’s lackluster response to the hate-filled rhetoric spewed at Jewish students.

In testimony before Congress, UPenn’s then-president, Liz Magill, was asked by a Congresswoman if calling for the genocide of Jews violated the school’s Code of Conduct, the despicable academic said, with a smile: “It is a context-dependent decision.” When pressed further, she stated, “If the speech becomes conduct, it can be harassment.” The Congresswoman then retorted, “Conduct meaning committing the act of genocide?”

Yet despite the much-deserved ouster of UPenn’s president (and the president of UPenn’s Board of Trustees) as well as the phenomenal pressure benefactor Marc Rowan placed on his alma mater to create the change so many of us wish to see, the negative headlines did not deter students from applying to the Ivy League institution.

Why’s that? It’s because young people — including Jewish students — will always seek out the best education int he world. They will not be deterred by despicable antisemitism among some students and faculty. They will not let them win — not now, not ever.

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