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December 15, 2023

University of Pennsylvania Class of 2028 Early Decision Admission Statistics

Students climb the stairs in front of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

The University of Pennsylvania on Thursday announced an increase in the number of students who applied under the school’s binding Early Decision policy, with a record-breaking over 8,500 students applying ED to the Class of 2028, up from over 8,000 for the Class of 2027, and 7,795 for the Class of 2026. In prior cycles, Penn’s Early Decision application pool never hit 8,000, capping out at 7,962 for the Class of 2025.

UPenn Early Decision Acceptance Rates &Admissions Statistics

Penn Withholds Class of 2028 Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Continuing a practice that began last year, and following the lead of some of its peer institutions like Cornell University and Stanford University, Penn did not disclose the acceptance rate for its Early Decision applicants, though we at Ivy Coach will be sure to share the figure with our readers when it becomes available through the Ivy League school’s release to The Common Data Set. In fact, we anticipate sharing Penn’s Early Decision acceptance rate for the Class of 2026 within the next few weeks.

The last time Penn published its Early Decision acceptance rate was when it disclosed that 15.63% of ED applicants to its Class of 2026 earned admission. That figure compares to the record-low 14.9% acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants to the Class of 2025, and a 19.7% ED acceptance rate for the Class of 2024.

Penn Early Decision Admissions Statistics Over 20+ Years

Below are Penn’s Early Decision admissions statistics over the last two plus decades:

Admissions CycleUPenn Graduating ClassUPenn Early Decision Admission Rate
2023-2024Class of 2028Not Yet Released
2022-2023Class of 2027Not Yet Released
2021-2022Class of 202615.63%
2020-2021Class of 202514.9%
2019-2020Class of 202419.7%
2018-2019Class of 202318%
2017-2018Class of 202218.5%
2016-2017Class of 202122%
2015-2016Class of 202023.2%
2014-2015Class of 201923.9%
2013-2014Class of 201825.2%
2012-2013Class of 201724.9%
2011-2012Class of 201625.4%
2010-2011Class of 201526.2%
2009-2010Class of 201431.2%
2008-2009Class of 201331.5%
2007-2008Class of 201229.2%
2006-2007Class of 201129%
2005-2006Class of 201028.4%
2004-2005Class of 200934.2%
2003-2004Class of 200833.1%
2002-2003Class of 200738.9%

Breakdown of the Penn Class of 2028 Early Decision Admits

UPenn Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule said that Early Decision admitted students for the Class of 2028 hail from 68 countries, 41 states, in addition to Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Soule said in June that Penn received a record-high 59,465 overall applications to the Class of 2027 and accepted 3,474 of them, amounting to an overall acceptance rate of 5.8%. If anyone should ever downplay the advantage of applying Early Decision, we encourage them to compare Penn’s typical ED admission rate with its overall admission rate — it’s apples and oranges.

Turmoil at Penn After Inadequate Response to Campus Antisemitism

Penn’s Early Decision notifications for the Class of 2028 come out at a time of upheaval for the Ivy League institution. The school is currently in the midst of significant change, with its president, Liz Magill, having resigned in shame on Saturday after being hit with widespread criticism for her performance in a congressional hearing in which she failed to say if calling for the genocide of Jewish students would constitute harassment. Dr. J. Larry Jameson, the former dean of the university’s medical school, has since been announced as the interim president following Magill’s departure.

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