Trends at Dartmouth’s Admissions Office

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Dartmouth’s admissions office is closely following population shifts in America.

Curious to pinpoint future trends in Dartmouth College’s admissions office? Look no further than a piece in America’s oldest college newspaper, The Dartmouth, as Dartmouth’s dean of admissions and financial aid, Lee Coffin, offers some hints on potential changes in the years to come. In a piece entitled “Coffin reflects on changing trends in College admissions,” Wally Joe Cook and Berit Svenson zero in on a couple of these changes and we figured we’d share them with our readers.

Florida, California, and Texas Will Be Hotbeds for Dartmouth’s Admissions Office

Coffin believes that Florida and California will be a big part of Dartmouth’s future. The dean of admissions and financial aid points out that the population is heavily shifting to these two states and in the decades to come, the recruiting strategy of Dartmouth’s admissions office must reflect these population shifts. So look for more admits from The Sunshine State as well as from The Golden State going forward.

Dartmouth will also invest more in recruiting students from the The Lone Star State. As Cook and Svenson write, “‘Texas, as big as it is, doesn’t have a lot of colleges like this one,’ Coffin said. ‘When you go to a public high school in Texas, most of them don’t have the immediate recognition of liberal arts. Part of the recruitment strategy in all of those states is to pull up and say, ‘Here’s what a liberal arts experience is.'” According to Coffin, admissions officers embrace a situation-specific approach in order to best inform the students at the school an officer is visiting…If a student applies from a school that does not typically send graduates to small, liberal arts colleges, the admissions office also takes it into account, Coffin said.”

So if you happen to be a parent with a young child in Florida, California, or Texas, encourage your child to think of Dartmouth if they’re looking to attend a highly selective college. Because Dartmouth — as its dean of admissions and financial aid makes clear — intends to admit more students from these states in the years to come.


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