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March 19, 2016

Top Non Ivy Colleges

Top Non Ivies, Outside the Ivies, Non-Ivy League Schools
There are several highly selective colleges outside of the Ivy League.

A couple folks have written in of late asking if we help students who are applying to highly selective colleges that don’t happen to be in the Ivy League. The answer is of course we do. While our name is Ivy Coach, the game is very much the same at all highly selective colleges, including at schools like Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Northwestern, Duke, Wash U, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, Amherst, Williams…you name it.

There are of course little things that certain schools are looking for, things that we don’t give away on the pages of our college admissions blog but instead reserve for our clients (our secret sauce never appears on this blog!). But there are of course differences even among the Ivy League schools themselves. The University of Pennsylvania may look for one thing while Columbia University loves another thing. Just as Duke may be looking for a little of yet another thing. And we know these things. We sure do sound like Dr. Seuss right now. And he happened to go to…Dartmouth College.

So the answer to this question is that, yes, we work with students applying to all highly selective and selective colleges. It’s only easier to help a student get into a less selective college. If you can help a student get into the best schools in America, you can certainly help them get into less competitive universities. This is not to say of course that the likes of Stanford, Duke, Johns Hopkins, etc. are less competitive. Because they’re not. But we’re saying that, yes, we can also help a student get into Indiana. Sorry to pick on Indiana but we had to pick one school to make our point! Go Hoosiers?

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