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July 20, 2022

The Political Leanings of Elite Universities

Harvard’s faculty, perhaps unsurprisingly, leans overwhelmingly left (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

America’s universities have a reputation for being liberal bastions — and America’s elite universities are rumored to be among the most liberal of the liberal institutions. But is there any truth to it? Are America’s universities, and particularly the highly selective universities that are the focus of this college admissions blog, truly as liberal as the rumors make it seem? We know, the vocal conservative readers of our blog are about to write in, “Of course they’re liberal, Ivy Coach. Is the sky blue?” But let’s look at some data.

Harvard University’s student newspaper, The Crimson, recently conducted a survey of Harvard faculty members and the results of the survey are rather definitive. As Meimei Xu reports for The Crimson in a piece entitled “More than 80 Percent of Surveyed Harvard Faculty Identify as Liberal,” “More than 80 percent of Harvard faculty respondents characterized their political leanings as ’liberal’ or ’very liberal,’ according to The Crimson’s annual survey of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in April. A little over 37 percent of faculty respondents identified as ’very liberal’— a nearly 8 percent jump from last year. Only 1 percent of respondents stated they are ’conservative,’ and no respondents identified as ’very conservative.’”

So, yes, it appears that The Crimson got a survey back from Professor Alan Dershowitz. He’s the one! All kidding aside, while we are admittedly and proudly liberal New Yorkers, we believe in balance at our nation’s elite universities and thus we hereby call on Harvard to recruit professors of all political leanings, not just liberal ones. America’s elite universities value diversity in admissions — from diversity based on race, religion, geography, and, yes, even thought. In fact, Harvard’s right to admit a diverse class will be debated by our nation’s highest court in just a few short months and Harvard very much wishes to maintain the status quo for itself and also for universities across the land. So why shouldn’t the university also value diversity of thought among its faculty?

Bring on the comments.

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