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Harvard will be going to their waiting list tomorrow (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Some days ago, we broke the news to the college admissions community that Harvard College would indeed be turning to their waiting list. And now we can report that it’ll happen this Friday. Harvard will be admitting certain students off of their waiting list at the end of this week. So for those students who have submitted outstanding Letters of Enthusiasm, know that you’ve got some hope. And, remember, Harvard’s waiting list is not ranked. So if you haven’t yet submitted a Letter of Enthusiasm, there is still time, though you should get it in with expedience. As in really fast!

Not every year does Harvard turn to their waiting so waitlisted students and their parents are in luck this year. So rejoice. Celebrate a little. Enjoy these small moments. You don’t know what Friday (or thereafter) will bring. But you do know today that Harvard will be admitting students off the waiting list. And this was surely no guarantee. There was even a year that Harvard didn’t admit any transfer applicants after putting transfer applicants through the paces of applying (that wasn’t right).

Have a question about the waiting list at Harvard? We’re interested to hear your thoughts so post a Comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Unless you ask us what your chances of getting off the Harvard waiting list are. We don’t answer ridiculous questions like that. Oy vey. Just as a parent doesn’t answer the following question on a long car ride: “Are we there yet?” No way, not ever. Good luck to all waitlisted students at Harvard College!


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  • John Doe says:

    How many spots will be filled by waitlistees?

  • Mary Sue says:

    Thank you for the update. Can you please tell us:

    – What Harvard’s yield was this year, or same question really, how many spaces do they have for WL’d students?

    – Did they reach out to the couple hundred students who didn’t reply, or did Harvard just take the hit in its yield?

    Appreciate all of the great info you share. Thanks for your reply.

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