The Forthcoming Decision in the Harvard Case

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The judge has yet to issue a ruling in the SFFA v. Harvard case.

Someone wrote in to us today asking, “Do you know when the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University ruling will be released?” We responded, “We have no idea. Likely some time this year, we imagine.” And how did the inquirer respond? It gave us a giggle: “But you’ve got a crystal ball.” He was right. We do. We’ve got a crystal ball and it makes highly accurate readings, particularly about students’ chances of admission to the schools of their dreams. So we’re prepared to rub our hands over the crystal ball now to offer a reading on when the federal district court judge will issue her judgment.

Judgement in SFFA v. Harvard Case Could Be A Ways Away

But first, we figured we’d share with our readers just how unpredictable the timing of these rulings can be…and just why it could be taking so long for Judge Allison D. Burroughs to rule. As Camille G. Caldera reports for The Harvard Crimson in a piece entitled “Ten Months After the Admissions Trial, the Judge Has Yet to Issue a Ruling,” “It’s been ten months since lawyers sparred over Harvard’s admissions policy in a heated three-week trial last fall. Nearly a year later, the winner has yet to be named…Unlike criminal cases — in which defendants have the right to a speedy trial — judges overseeing civil disputes don’t have to meet specific deadlines…’This could drag on for years, and people should be prepared for that reality,” Peter F. Lake, [a higher education law professor] said. ‘This would clearly require the highest level of attention,’ Lake said, nothing that the case is ‘incredibly complicated fact-wise and legally.’

Our Famous Crystal Ball Predicts a Ruling in December 2019

“But, Ivy Coach, what does your crystal ball say?” Ok, ok. Our crystal ball hereby predicts that a ruling in the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University case will be released in…December 2019. As the ruling will of course be appealed, the judge and her clerk will need a couple of more months to make it airtight. “Ok, Ivy Coach, thank you for this reading. But one more question.” Another question? Ok, what is it? “Does your crystal ball predict Felicity Huffman will get one month behind bars or a year’s probation?” Oh, that’s ridiculous. We’ve rendered enough readings for one day. We need time to rest.


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