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May 21, 2021

The Class of 2025 Ivy League Admissions Statistics

We’ve updated our Ivy League admissions statistics pages, including the latest admissions cycle.

Curious which Ivy League school boasted the lowest overall admission rate to the Class of 2025? That would be Harvard University at 3.4%. Curious which Ivy League school had the highest overall admission rate? That distinction belongs to Cornell University at 8.7%. Curious which Ivy League school received the most applications to the Class of 2025? That would be Columbia University, clocking in 60,551 applications in all, though we suspect Cornell will take this record once the school’s data is released since Cornell is the largest among the Ivies and typically tallies the most applications in a given admissions cycle.

Curious which Ivy League school filled the greatest percentage of its incoming class in the Early round? Well, it wasn’t Princeton University since Princeton opted not to offer an Early round for the Class of 2025 due to the pandemic. At present, the distinction belongs to Brown University, which filled 52.1% of its class with Early admits, though Cornell, Harvard, and Yale University have yet to release this particular figure. And of the Ivy League schools that have released the data, which institution filled the smallest percentage of its incoming class with Early admits? That would be Columbia University, which filled 43.5% of its seats with Early Decision admits.

Or maybe you’re curious which Ivy League school has the most seats in their incoming class? Look no further than Cornell, which anticipates enrolling a class of 3,296. The Ivy League school with the fewest seats to fill? That would be Dartmouth at 1,150. Hey, as Daniel Webster once said in the landmark Dartmouth College v. United States case before the Supreme Court, “It is, Sir, as I have said, a small college, and yet, there are those who love it.” In any case, if you’re curious to check out any other Ivy League admissions statistics for the Class of 2025, we’ve updated our Ivy League Statistics pages to include the latest data. And before you folks look at the data for 2021 and say the numbers are off, understand that the data is sorted by the year students will graduate from college. For the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, it’s the Class of 2025. For the Class of 2021, that admissions cycle was four years ago! Come on now.

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