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What is considered a talent in Ivy League admissions, you ask? You think you might know the answer to this but you likely don’t…

We often wonder why a parent thinks that just because their child has near perfect grades and test scores that he/she should be admitted to the college of their choice. While we have written a ton of blogs and been quoted in the press time and again about this, we wonder why so many parents and students are just not getting it.

A few years ago, we wrote a blog entitled “What is Considered a Talent?” and in driving the point home, we cited notable examples of Barnard College’s admitted class for that year: “…two Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do medalists (twin sisters); a New York State champion golfer who has played on PGA Junior Tour Tournaments; a state champion fencer; a top-level high school figure skater from China; a winner of the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ Scholarship sponsored by the New York State Lottery; a winner of the New York City Shakespeare Oratory Competition; a world finalist in the Odyssey of the Mind competition; a Massachusetts State speech finalist two years in a row; a semi-finalist in the National Biology Olympiad; and two trapeze circus performers.”

“With its excellent dance and theatre programs, Barnard admitted several accomplished actresses, dancers, and musicians, including three professional actresses (credits include the films Lords of Dogtown and Spanglish and three Broadway productions); a student who founded a community Shakespeare troupe; a world champion Irish dancer; a dancer with the Boston Conservatory; a violinist with the New Hampshire philharmonic orchestra; and an accomplished bag-pipe player. Other students who applied to Barnard have led lives distinctly different from the urban experience encountered in New York City, including a student who helps birth lambs on her family’s farm; the winner of an outstanding dairy goat exhibition, and a student who works on the family ranch from Colorado.”

In an article in “The Dartmouth” on Dartmouth’s Class of 2018, Dean of Admissions Maria Laskaris says: “In addition to their notable academic achievements, the admitted students bring a range of distinctive accomplishments. From Intel Science Talent Search winners to a student invited by President Obama to speak at the White House and the United Nations about his work to combat climate change, from the youngest member of the U.S. Paralympic ski team competing in Sochi to students using their talents to raise awareness about important local and national causes, they have demonstrated depth and commitment in all they have undertaken.” Parents, are you getting this?

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