Student’s Rescinded Admission Has Nothing To Do With Conservatism

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Harvard recently revoked a student’s offer of admission when his past racist and anti-Semitic comments came to light.

A core objective of our college admissions blog is to correct misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process — misconceptions perpetuated by the press, by school counselors, by private college counselors, and by the local bodega clerk. In a piece in National Review by Jamil Jivani entitled “How to Help Conservatives Who Are Pushed Out of the Ivy League,” Jivani essentially argues that Kyle Kashuv, the student whose admission to Harvard was recently rescinded after his past racist and anti-Semitic comments were brought to light, had his admission revoked because of his conservative beliefs. That, of course, isn’t the case. In fact, we would argue that Kashuv’s conservative beliefs — and the eloquent way he articulated his beliefs in his admissions essays — are a key reason why he earned admission in the first place.

Student Earned Admission to Harvard in Large Part Because of His Conservative Beliefs, Not In Spite of Them

Jivani writes in National Review, “Genuine concern over anti-conservative bias at Ivy League schools explains the fervor in response to Harvard University’s recent decision to rescind its admissions offer to Parkland-shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, and it also explains reactions to how universities have responded to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation to the Supreme Court.” Concern over anti-conservative bias in response to Harvard’s decision to revoke Kashuv’s admission may very well be genuine. But people are riled up about lots of things that have no basis in fact. The fact is Kashuv’s conservative beliefs formed the backbone of his Personal Statement (he wrote: “While I support a conservative viewpoint on the Second Amendment, I know that finding common ground is the path to protecting our students. I still believe that from the pits of despair, goodness can and will prevail.”). And his conservative advocacy was surely no secret; it likely formed the foundation of his extracurricular activities.

Uncovered Racist and Anti-Semitic Comments Led to Student’s Rescinded Admission

Make no mistake: Kyle Kashuv’s conservative advocacy was a key reason why he earned admission. Harvard seeks to admit a diverse class — diversity that includes diversity of political thought. And make no mistake: Kyle Kashuv’s admission was revoked because of his racist and anti-Semitic comments, which have no place in liberal or conservative politics. If you’d like to read more about what we have to say about Harvard’s decision to rescind Kashuv’s offer of admission, check out our interview with The Jewish Telegraphic Agency.


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  • Jefferson Bowen says:

    Couldn’t Harvard admitted other conservative students who were way more academically qualified than Kashuv, whose GPA and standardized test scores were below standard? I think the admissions committee was a bit smitten with his media persona and rescinding his admission ticket was a sigh of relief for them in hindsight.

    • Amanda Horn says:

      I doubt that Harvard admits students based on their political leanings, or that they have quotas for conservative and liberal students. I think the administration would prefer not to have racists among their student body, and that is reason enough to rescind any admission. If they were smitten, wouldn’t they have wanted him to attend?

      • Ivy Coach says:

        They certainly don’t have quotas but you bet Harvard (and every highly selective college) seeks to admit a diverse class. And that diversity includes diversity of political thought. They wouldn’t have admitted him in the first place if they weren’t “smitten” — until, of course, his racist and anti-Semitic comments came to light.

  • Gimme A. Break says:

    If Ivies were interested in diversity of thought, they would to have rampant liberals comprising 100% of the student body. Show me a conservative in the Ivy League and I’ll show you Bigfoot.

  • Ina Garten says:

    Maybe you find it cute, Ivy Coach, but it certainly is true!

    According to government filing records- you can look this up, so not just lush hyperbole put forth on this site, Democrats @ Ivy League are like the most politically intolerant of all groups.

    The eight Ivy League schools spent more than 170 times as much money on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as they did on Donald Trump’s campaign, contributing $2.6 million to the Democratic candidate and just over $15,000 to the future president.

    Together, the Ivy League schools have donated $1,202,405 on Democrat candidates in 2018, or roughly 19 times as much money as the $63,445 contributed to Republican campaigns.

    But, Oh, Yeah, Ivy Coach, they are in love with conservative students. They admit (almost) every Ronald Reagan-idolizing, American Flag-waving, Capitalist-minded young men and women who knock on their door!

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