A Salute to Dartmouth College

Dartmouth Salute, Saluting Dartmouth, Saluting Dartmouth College

Ivy Coach salutes Dartmouth College and its president for their national leadership in educating America’s veterans.

We have long praised Dartmouth College on the pages of our college admissions blog for the school’s unwavering, enduring commitment to educating those brave men and women who defend America in uniform, who risk their lives for our freedom. While several highly selective colleges make great efforts to enroll American veterans, there are a select few that make a whole lot more effort than do the rest and Dartmouth College is one of these special institutions. And as much as the Program Director for the Office of Student Veterans at Brown University may be inclined to write in with comments chastising us for not considering Brown to be one of the most friendly universities to veterans (Brown is by no means terrible…it’s just not as good as a school like Dartmouth is in this particular area), we’ll paraphrase the legendary lines of the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen, a one-time vice presidential candidate who stood up to then-Senator Dan Quayle when Quayle essentially compared himself to J.F.K. As Bentsen said, “I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy.” Ms. McNeil, we know Brown University. Brown University is one of America’s most storied institutions. Ms. McNeil, Brown University is no Dartmouth College when it comes to America’s veterans.

As the Zac Brown Band sings, “I thank god for my life; And for the stars and stripes; May freedom forever fly, let it ring; Salute the ones who died; The ones that give their lives; So we don’t have to sacrifice; All the things we love.”

No ma’am. We’ve got a difference of opinion, one we’ve very clearly articulated in the past. You can do more. You must do more. And never was all of this more clear than this week when Dartmouth announced its partnership with Posse, a nonprofit that will help the College on the Hill in the years ahead enroll and educate our veterans. As referenced on Dartmouth’s website, “In 2012, Posse launched a special veterans’ initiative. Dartmouth will welcome its first 10 Posse veterans this fall, guaranteeing free tuition, even if the GI bill and other government funding runs out. President Phil Hanlon ’77 says Dartmouth gains immeasurably from veterans who join the community. ‘As a nation we owe our servicemen and servicewomen access to first-rate educational opportunities. In addition, Dartmouth is fundamentally enriched by the presence of veterans on our campus,’ he says.” Amen, Amen, Amen.

For those veterans reading this post, know that Ivy Coach offers our services on a pro bono basis annually to a select set of veterans. Indeed veterans are the only group we work with on a pro bono basis and that is because while there are certainly countless deserving people we wish to help, no group is more deserving than those who serve.


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