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January 28, 2019

Record Applications to Yale’s Class of 2023

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Records are being set at Yale’s admissions office for the Class of 2023.

Yale University has received a record number of applications to its Class of 2023. In all, the school has received 36,829 applications — including both Early Action and Regular Decision applications. Last year, this same figure stood at 35,305. So total applications are up by a margin of 4.3% for the Class of 2023. As our readers may remember, 794 students were offered Early Action admission to Yale’s Class of 2023 out of an Early Action pool of 6,016 students.

Breakdown of the Yale Class of 2023 Applicant Pool

It’s interesting to see how Yale’s applicant pool has transformed in just a few years alone. As reports Ed Stannard for “Greenwich Times” in a piece about Yale’s Class of 2023 applicant pool, “This year’s applicant total is 24 percent higher than the 29,610 seniors who applied to enter Yale in the fall of 2013, according to [Yale admissions office spokesman Mark] Dunn. Since then: The number of applicants from racial or ethnic minority groups has grown 51 percent. International applicants have increased at about the same rate as U.S. applicants. Applications from first-generation college students have grown 42 percent. Those living in lower-income areas have increased 110 percent (the Admissions Office has used a direct-mail campaign to attract those students).”

Yale’s Class of 2023 will ultimately be around 1,570 spots in total. Last year’s Regular Decision admit rate stood at 4.7% so anticipate a figure below 5% for Yale’s Class of 2023 Regular Decision pool as well.

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