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April 5, 2022

Princeton University Class of 2026 Admissions Statistics

Princeton has yet to release admissions statistics for the Class of 2026.

Earlier this year, we reported that Princeton University had joined peer institutions that include Stanford University, Cornell University, and Columbia University in choosing to not release admissions statistics at the conclusion of the Early Action or Regular Decision admissions cycles. And why? Allegedly, in an attempt to make the process less stressful for all (as though trying to conceal this data will alleviate the stress of college applicants). More likely? It makes for a nice press release as though Princeton is trying to lead the charge for change among its peers after years and years of boasting about its record applicant pools. In any case, true to its promise, now that the Regular Decision cycle has concluded, Princeton has yet to release admissions data for the applicant pool to its Class of 2026. But our readers know to have no fear because this data will all become publicly available in just a few short months and it will be posted on Ivy Coach’s comprehensive Ivy League Statistics pages along with data for the likes of Cornell and Columbia.

As Janny Eng reports for The Daily Princetonian in a piece entitled “Princeton admits Class of 2026, withholds admissions statistics in break from peer institutions,” “The University will not publish any information regarding the incoming accepted students. Instead, it will publish an announcement regarding students who matriculate at the University later in 2022…This year, Princeton has declined to publish any admissions statistics, citing ’data points such as overall admission rates and average SAT scores shouldn’t influence a prospective student’s decision about whether to apply to Princeton.’ ’We know this information raises the anxiety level of prospective students and their families and, unfortunately, may discourage some prospective students from applying,’ read the announcement.”

So there you have it. Princeton chose not to release admissions statistics at this time not only to — allegedly — alleviate the anxiety of Princeton applicants. The school also chose not to release admissions statistics at this time so as not to “discourage some prospective students from applying.” It’s not even a Freudian slip! They want more students to apply. The more students who apply, the lower the admission rate will be, and the longer Princeton will remain atop the all-important US News & World Report college rankings. But, of course, Princeton claims to not care about its ranking. And water is dry.

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