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Princeton offered admission to less than 0.01% of transfers this year.

Princeton University, which reinstated a transfer admissions process after being the lone Ivy League university that didn’t admit transfer students for years, released decisions yesterday to transfer applicants. Of the 1,429 students who applied for transfer admission to Princeton this year, 13 earned admission. This means that Princeton offered admission at a 0.90% admission rate. That rounds to — yes — 1%. And that’s shameful. Princeton should not offer a transfer admissions process if they can’t at least admit 3% of the applicant pool. Princeton didn’t even offer admission to a full 1% of the transfer applicant pool. That’s ridiculous.

Shame on Princeton University

We applauded Princeton University when the school chose to reinstate a transfer admissions process. The school hadn’t admitted transfer students since 1990. The school openly touted how they would use the transfer admissions process specifically in the hope of attracting veterans of America’s military, low-income young people, and students from community colleges. We’re all about that! You will find no private college counseling firm in the world that is a greater champion of America’s military. Our pro bono services at Ivy Coach are designed exclusively for the brave men and women who have served America in uniform. So when Princeton puts out press releases touting how they’re making efforts to appeal to America’s military and other deserving groups like low-income young people and community college students and then the school admits 0.9% of the applicant pool, well, it smells bad to us.

With the exception of students who were granted fee waivers, applicants paid to apply as transfer students to Princeton. Applicants completed Princeton’s time-consuming application, including its extensive essays. But 13 admits? It’s as though Princeton admitted hardly any transfers this year. In our opinion, Princeton did not act in good faith. A 0.9% admit rate is a whole lot different than a 5% admit rate or even a 3% admit rate. 0.9% is unacceptable.

Princeton, we love the fact that you brought back the transfer admissions process after it was dormant for a quarter of a century at your university. But if you’re going to bring it back, really do bring it back. A 0.9% admission rate sounds to us like you’re bringing it back in name only. If you really do want to do more for America’s veterans, then show don’t tell. Don’t just write about your support for America’s veterans, low-income young people, and community college students. Admit transfer students at a rate higher than 0.9%. You can, you must do better Princeton!


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