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Princeton University extended their Early deadline this year longer than any other Ivy League school.

With the Princeton Early Action admissions rate dropping by 3% after seeing a 10.7% increase in applications this year, some may wonder if the improved numbers are a result of the university extending their deadline. When  Hurricane Sandy hit, many universities extended their Early Action / Early Decision deadlines for those impacted by the natural disaster. Princeton University chose to extend their deadline, in fact, further out than any other Ivy League school. And their extension didn’t just apply to those directly impacted by Sandy. It was for everyone and nobody had to explain why their Early Action application was late.

And why wouldn’t Princeton extend their deadline? By extending their deadline, Princeton could play with their numbers (which impact their “US News & World Report” ranking) and increase their number of applications. The more students that apply to Princeton via their Single Choice Early Action program, the lower their acceptance rate will invariably be. It’s simple math that didn’t require the expertise of Princeton’s John Nash to help sort out.

Do you think Princeton extended their deadline so long to increase their applicant pool for Single Choice Early Action? Do you think they just thought it was the right thing to do? If so, why do you think they extended the deadline for students not impacted by Hurricane Sandy as well? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below!

And congratulations to Kimberly on your admission to Princeton!


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