Princeton Class of 2023 Early Action Results

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Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Princeton yesterday. You all got in!

Princeton University released Early Action decisions yesterday. In all, 743 students earned admission to the Ivy League school. These students were part of an applicant pool of 5,335 students. The Early Action admit rate for the Princeton Class of 2023 thus stands at 13.9%, a drop from 14.7% for the Princeton Class of 2022. And what was the admit rate of Ivy Coach’s students in the Early Action round to Princeton? Hint, hint. It’s not 13.9%. It’s 100%. Each and every one of our students who applied Early Action to Princeton this year — just like they did last year — earned admission and we are so very happy for them!

Breakdown of the Princeton Class of 2023 Early Action Admits

As reports Princeton’s Office of Communications in a release on the Princeton Class of 2023 Early Action news, 51% of Early Action admits are women, while 49% are men. 50% of admits to Princeton’s Class of 2023 are domestic students of color; 10% are international. 17% will be the first in their families to attend college, otherwise known as first-gens. Admits hail from 36 nations around our world and they represent 49 of the 50 states (in addition to Washington, DC and the U.S. Virgin Islands). If you’re wondering if Princeton would have admitted a student with a pulse in the one state they didn’t secure in the Early round, our answer is a resounding yes! 15% of admits are the children of alumni, also known as legacies. Just about 60% of admits hail from public or charter schools. And 21% of those who earned admission indicated an intent to study engineering.

Congratulations to all of our students who applied Early Action to Princeton University this fall! We’re so very happy for you! Now go celebrate. And if you weren’t our student and were either deferred or denied admission to Princeton, reach out to us today by filling out our free consult form to find out what went wrong so you can improve your case for admission to highly selective colleges in the Regular Decision round (and to Princeton as well in the event of a deferral). Why make the same mistakes again?


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  • Nidhi says:

    My son has been deferred at Princeton. Are there any tips you could suggest? Given the high deferral rate, it is tough not knowing where in the spectrum he is.

    • Ivy Coach says:

      Hi Nidhi,

      We ask that you click on the orange button on our website and complete the free consultation form. We’ll then be in touch with you within the day about how we can help you and your son. Thank you!

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