Princeton Claims 2018 Ivy League Football Title

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Princeton claimed sole possession of the 2018 Ivy League football title.

Princeton University recently claimed the 2018 Ivy League football title outright. Princeton previously claimed a share of the Ivy League title in 2016, 2013, and 2006. This year’s title marked the school’s first outright title since 1995 — in nearly a quarter of a century. Princeton now holds 12 Ivy League titles, good for fifth in the Ivy League. And which schools hold the most Ivy League football titles? Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania each are winners of 18 Ivy League football titles. Harvard University has won 17 titles, while Yale University has claims to 15. After Princeton’s 12, Brown University has won the Ivy League title four times. Cornell University has claim to three titles, while Columbia University has won the title only once (although the school did win the Rose Bowl back in 1934).

Celebration at Princeton University

As Maddy Pryor reports for Princeton’s office of communications, “Every year that the Princeton University football team defeats both Harvard and Yale, a celebratory bonfire is held on Cannon Green – a tradition dating back to baseball victories in the late 1800s. The 2018-19 football squad took it one step further, garnering victories over every team they faced this season, finishing with a perfect 10-0 record for the first time in 54 years and securing an Ivy League championship. The last bonfire was held in 2013.”

Congratulations to the Princeton University football team on their perfect 2018 season and Ivy League title! The Ivy League was originally formed as a football league and you can bet Princeton wants to catch up to Dartmouth, Penn, Harvard, and Yale by winning a few more titles. But will they repeat next year? Our crystal ball predicts the 2019 Ivy League champion will hail from Hanover, New Hampshire. We hereby forecast that Dartmouth will claim the 2019 title. And, as our readers know all too well, our crystal ball, is highly accurate.


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