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November 5, 2022

Princeton Atop 2022 Ivy League Football Standings

It’s been all Tigers, Tigers, Tigers. No, we’re not just talking about leading the annual US News & World Report college rankings. We’re talking about the 2022 Ivy League football season. Princeton University, with an 8-0 overall record and 5-0 in Ivy League play, currently sits alone atop the Ivy League after besting the two-time defending Ivy League champion Dartmouth College 17-14 this weekend. Princeton will take on Yale University next weekend followed by a matchup against the University of Pennsylvania. Both teams own identical 4-1 Ivy League records, though Yale sits at 6-2 overall and UPenn sits at 7-1. They’re tied for second place in Ivy League play and both teams hold out hope of either winning the Ivy League title outright or sharing the crown.

And which school sits in fourth place, behind Princeton, Yale, and UPenn? That would be Harvard College. Harvard has a 3-2 record in Ivy League play this year and 5-3 record overall. Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, and Brown University follow Harvard, all with 1-4 records in Ivy League play. Overall, Cornell sits at 4-4, Dartmouth at 2-6, Columbia at 4-4, and Brown at 3-5.

So while the biggest success this year in Ivy League football action has surely been Princeton, it’s the winningest Ivy League football program in history, Dartmouth, that has been the biggest disappointment. And the biggest surprise? That would be UPenn, a school that is still fighting for at least a share of the 2022 Ivy League title. Stay tuned!

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