Princeton Admits 13 Transfer Students

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Princeton should admit more transfer students in the years to come.

Last year, Princeton University reinstated a transfer admissions process for the first time since 1990. The university had long been an outlier among its Ivy League peers in not offering a transfer admissions process and we were glad to see the school change course. After all, the transfer admissions process is a wonderful opportunity for elite universities to admit low-income students, underrepresented minority students, first-generation college students, community college students, veteran students, etc. As we’ve pointed out over the years, transfer students are data ghosts in college rankings so elite colleges — like Princeton — are more inclined to admit a student with a poor SAT / ACT score but an incredible life story in the transfer round than in the traditional rounds of admission. But while we’re glad that Princeton has reinstated a transfer admissions process, the number of students the school is admitting through the transfer process is unacceptably low.

Ivy Coach Salutes Princeton University for Admitting Eight Veterans as Transfers This Year

Last year, as our readers may remember, we were critical of Princeton for admitting only 13 applicants (or less than 1% of transfer applicants to the university). As we asserted at this time last year, we believe admitting less than 1% of transfer applicants is not acting in good faith. And while we applaud the university for seeking to admit veterans (we are among the biggest champions of our nation’s elite colleges admitting more veterans and we offer our pro bono services exclusively to veterans), it’s as though the university is open to non-veteran transfers in name only. Last year, only five students who didn’t have a military background earned admission as transfer students. Five! And this year? Once again, a grand total of 13 applicants earned admission as transfers — out of a pool of 1,003 applicants. That marks a transfer admission rate of just a shade over 1%. And once again, eight of the 13 admits are veterans of America’s military.

But Shame on Princeton for Admitting Only Ten Non-Veteran Transfers Over the Last Two Years

Ivy Coach salutes Princeton University for admitting sixteen veterans in the transfer admission round over the last two years. Our nation’s most highly selective schools can and must do more for America’s veterans and the transfer process is a great avenue to seek out and admit more of this amazing men and women who have bravely served our nation in uniform. But to accept the application dollars of 2,432 applicants over the last two years and to then admit only ten who have no military background is wrong. Once again, we call for Princeton to increase its transfer admits — for veterans and non-veterans. With a token ten admits over two years, it seems Princeton’s transfer admissions process is open in name only to non-veterans. And that isn’t right if they’re encouraging these applicants to apply. Heck, it’s likely why 426 fewer applicants applied this transfer round than last.


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